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Sorry guys!
I know I haven't been updating lately. I am actually NOT on vacation, sadly enough :(

I'm just in the process of purchasing my own domain and sorting out all the details that goes with that. But once that's all sorted, I will be back in the blogging world. I promise! :D


Just gotta go on hiatus for now...


Away We Go... or not
Looks like this is my 100th post on this particular blog. WoOt! :D *does happy dance*

Anyhoo, I participated in my first blood drive today. I was SOOO nervous! Even the medical personnel noticed! The lady who I met with said that she could feel the cold coming from my hands before she even touched me! LOL. :P Plus, my pulse was faster than the normal pulse for my age and my blood pressure was a bit high. Hahaha.

I had a lot of indirect compliments though. One of the ladies wanted to see my ID to make sure I really was over 18 before I could donate blood. Heehee :D Another lady said, "Are you sure you weigh more than 110 lbs.?" :) (You need to weigh more than 110 to donate.)

My friend, Ci, came with me as support because I didn't wanna go by myself. I was really grateful ♥ especially since she hates seeing blood as well. She sat pretty far enough from the blood, but close enough to still chat with me throughout the blood donation.

The thing that hurt the most was the finger stick in the beginning. I don't understand why it hurt more than the actual giving of blood. Hahaha. I don't think I'll be doing this anytime soon, but I'm glad that I faced a fear. I am very proud of myself :D

Ebry scored some free advanced screening tickets to see Away We Go. The movie looked interesting, but I was feeling a bit tired and weak, so I opted out. I hope I didn't miss anything really good! x_x

Look! The lovely Karen bestowed upon me 3 different awards :D Thanks sis!

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work anniversary
Last week, I celebrated my second anniversary at my work. The company I work for sent some flowers to my house.

Soo pretty! :D I wished they sent it over to my office instead, though. Just to have something pretty on my desk. But, I'm not gonna be picky since they didn't need to give me anything at all :)

My manager took me out to lunch. I asked some of my favorite people to join me and we headed to a nearby Indian restaurant. I ♥ Indian food! :D It was so much fun! I take any chance to be away from my desk :P

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